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How to Care for Your Wood Cheese Board

Our solid wood cheese boards are 100% made by hand in Colorado. Most of them are made with walnut, maple, or oak wood. Each of these species has different characteristics and charm. They're each excellent tools for entertaining guests or daily use.

With a little love, they'll be with you for a long time! Here are the basics that will keep your Colorado Rustics cheese board happily serving up all your snacks and charcuterie.

Clean your board using only warm water and a soft cloth to wipe it off.

If you have to use soap, make it a really mild one. Dish soap will dry it out, and cause cracks or splintering.

Keep it fresh with cutting board oil.

When your cheese board starts looking dry, give it a rub with some food grade cutting board oil. This will moisturize the wood, restore its grain, and keep it looking fresh.

It's technically NOT a cutting board.

But if you do end up seeing some scratches and knife marks, or if the finish just gets a little rough hit us up. We can probably recondition it for you.



Home is where you hang your hat.

Right? So... Here are a few tips to hang your Colorado Rustics hat rack. 

Like everything else we make, these are built by hand in Morrison, CO. Most of the time they're sold completely assembled, sanded so they don't snag fabric, and treated with a generous coat of primer. They're ready for you to paint whatever color you want. We recommend spray paint or a basic interior latex paint.

We put metal D rings on the stems for hanging vertically on a wall. You'll just need to set a couple mounting screws into the wall matching up with the D rings. Screw them into the studs or anchors leaving the screw head about 1/4 inch out. This will give just enough room for the D rings to hook while keeping the rack tight against the wall's surface.

HINT: To help get them straight gently tap a small nail into the back near the middle of the D ring. Then use that to press against the wall to mark the holes for your mounting screws or anchors. Use a level, of course.

Don't hang really heavy stuff on it.

Our hat racks are joined with dowels (and sometimes screws), but they really aren't meant to hold more weight than hats, light jackets, and small bags. If they get piled up with loaded bags and super thick coats they could potentially come out of the wall. And nobody wants that.

So... Mount into a stud if at all possible.

It's a great idea to set your mounting screw directly into a stud if you can. If not, use wall anchors for sure. This will make sure your hat rack stays nice and tight on the wall.

If you need help, hit us up!

We'll either walk you through the process or (if it gets real serious) we'll come help you hang it.